WP2 Exploring 'Roma health' stories

Summary of Work Package activities

  • Working with interpreters to conduct a series of focus group discussions with Czech and Slovak Roma, Polish Roma and Romanian Roma living in the UK.

  • These focus groups (conducted separately for men and women, younger and older participants) explored what it means for participants to be healthy and what everyday experiences influence this.

  • Transcribing, translating and analysing focus group data.

Future plans

  • Developing an ethics application for the next stage of fieldwork: a combination of life history interviews, go-along interviews and observation with UK-based migrant Czech Roma to explore in depth participants' everyday life experiences (past and present) and how these are shape their health and wellbeing.

  • Developing a more 'light touch' approach to replicate these methods in the Czech Republic.

  • Comparing and contrasting these 'Roma health' 'stories' across settings.