Why are we doing this work?

Here Olga talk about why we are doing this research here.

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Romani people belong to the largest ethnic minority in Europe. Their distinctive way of life and a passion for a music and art have enriched cultures around the world. However, the people of Roma heritage, have faced generations of racism and oppressive policy approaches. Their health is considered to be the worst of any group in the region. Despite increasing policy attention, evidence shows that Roma disadvantage continues to increase. ‘Roma health’ is an under-researched area and Roma are often excluded from the knowledge production processes which leads to limited/incomplete understanding of the problem. (So, it’s all about Roma, but without Roma.) That is why, the ‘Roma Health Stories’ project is working in partnership with Roma population to explore the key life experiences that shape their health. Ultimately, this project aims to challenge the dominant understanding of ‘Roma health'.

Olga Fuseini

Roma Activist, Consultant & Research Associate at University of Sheffield