Exploring how Roma stories might challenge policy understandings of their health.

A brief history

The Roma Health Stories project uses a range of participatory and arts-based approaches in partnership with Roma populations in England and Hungary to explore how Roma knowledge might challenge dominant understandings of their health.

Where we are today

Funding was awarded by Wellcome Trust in January 2020. The project will run from June 2020 until September 2026.

Summary of year one activities

  • Expanding and deepening relationships with Roma-led grass roots and activist communities.

  • Consulting with specialist project advisors from Roma community, policy/practice and academic spheres to identify short and long term priorities.

  • Considering the ethics of conducting in-depth, engaged research with people who might be especially impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic.

  • Thinking and writing about the risks of complicity with oppression in research with and for Roma.

  • Contributing to discussions on how an intersectional lens can deepen our understandings of the multifaceted health inequalities experienced by racialised minorities (seminar presentation).

  • Analysing UK policy documents pertaining to ‘Roma health’ and interviewing policy specialists about their understandings of ‘Roma health.’